What is "Item of the Month"
Item of the Month is a really fun way to get clothing for your  dolls like Gene, Cissy, Kitty, Tyler, Tiny Kitty, Marley, Riley Ellowyne, American Models, Matt, Clea Bella, Betsy, Ann Estelle, Little Miss Revlon, Emme both sizes, Silkstone, Barbie,Trent and dolls like American Girl, and My Size Barbie. I am the coordinator of all the above. Also Any Doll Item of the Month. Any Doll can be any doll like Little Miss Revlon, Barbie, Silkstone, Emme, Clea Bella, Betsy, Ann Estelle even My Size Barbie.
Each month at the beginning of the month I will put out a call for all those who whould like to receive a surprise item for any doll of your choice. What  the subscribers agrees to is to purchase from an artist that is assigned to them whatever they make for the specified price which includes shipping.
The Item remains a surprise until it is received by the subcriber.

Each month I will also put out a call for artists to email me if interested in making suprise outfits. The artists will need to let me know what dolls they sew for. The artist agrees to make the exact same outfit for the subscribers that are assigned to them. If you are a previous artist then you will need to only make the number of items for the number of subscribers you receive. If this is the first time being an artist you would also need to make the exact same item for me free as coordinator. So if I assign the artist 4 subscribers then the artist has to make 5 of the exact same item. The artist has 15 days to complete and mail the items to the subscribers. The artist is responsible for contacting their subscribers and making payment arrangements.
Below is a schedule showing the pricing.
Also we have a yahoo group. Please join us. Here is a link to the group Item of the Month. Just click the green button to go to the Yahoo group.

Have fun with us and join in. If you have any questions please feel free to email me. 
Riley,Tulah,Tiny Betsy,Barbie,
Silkstone, Marley, Leeann,Tiny Kitty,Ann Estelle and other dolls under 12"
$12.00 shipped
Gene, Tyler, Ellowyne, Alex, New Emme,Betsy McCall,Antoinette,and other dolls not over 16"
$16.00 shipped
$14.00 shipped
CED, Kitty, Old Emme, Matt, Trent, Deeanna Denton and other dolls not over 19"
Cissy, American Model, and all dolls not over 22"
$18.00 shipped
$20.00 shipped
My Size Barbie, Cabbage Patch, American Girl and similar size larger dolls 
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email me