Jewelry items for sale.
If interested email me  with the item #. Jewelry fits the doll shown.
Prices include shipping in the US only. International welcome be prices will be a little higher due to shipping charges.
Jewelry Sets include necklace and matching earrings for 22" American  Model.
#5. Orange necklace and earrings Price $5.50
#6. Pearls and green stone necklace and earrings Price $5.50
#7. Topaz and lt amethyst beads necklace and earringe Price $5.50
#8. Peridot and Saphire beads necklace and earrings Price $5.50
Crowns for Dolls
These are rings that make perfect crowns for Gene, Tyler, Kitty/Simone, Riley, and Silkstone/Barbie. Six different designs.
Price $2.75 each or all 6 for $12.00

These are Crystal Ball necklaces. They come in different color beads. They are approx. 3/4" to 11/4" long. They will come with a gold chain that will be made to fit the particular doll you are wanting 1 for. Pictured below is 16" Prudence wearing 2 of the styles. You would have a choice of stone color and there is a color chart below. If you want to order any of these Crystal Ball necklaces email me with your color choice and size. You can choose 3/4", 1" or 1 1/4".(length of pendant)
Each necklace is $8.00 shipped.
These samples of finished pendants and they are for sale. If interested in any of these email me with the # of the pendant you want and what size doll it is for and a gold chain will also be included.
Each necklace is $8.00 shipped.
1. Light Blue (4mm)
2. Red (4mm)
3. Orange (4mm)
4. Emerald Green (4mm)
5. Purple (4mm)
6. Teal (4mm)
7. Fire Polish Crystal (4mm)
8. Lilac (4mm)
9. Clear crystal (4mm)
10. Black (4mm)
11. Red (6mm)
12. Orange (6mm)
13. Green (6mm)
14. Light Green (4mm)
15. Teal (6mm)
16. Saphire Blue (6mm)
17. Fire Polish Crystal (6mm)
18. Fushia (4mm)
19. Fushia (6mm)

Already made up Pendants
1. Orange and LT Green
2. Green
3. Saphire Blue
4. Teal
5. Red
6. Lt Blue
7. Purple
8. Red